The admission into the Serpa Adventure Park is free!
You only have to pay for the use of the elements based on the following:

Climbing tower 1 climb for children: 1.500 HUF 
1 climb for adults: 1.500 HUF 
Cable railway 1 slide for children: 1.500 HUF 
1 slide for adults: 1.500 HUF 
Adventure trails Children's beginner adventure trail
Little VUK route:
2.000 HUF 
Children's advanced adventure trail
Karak route:
3.000 HUF 
Adults' beginner adventure trail
Zsigmondy route:
2.000 HUF 
Adults' beginner in double length
Family's polka dotted route:
3.000 HUF 
Adults' advanced adventure trail
Koppány route:
4.000 HUF 
Adults' advanced adventure trail
Panorama route:
5.000 HUF 
Adults' strong advanced adventure trail
Kövesdy memorial route:
5.500 HUF 
Adults' professional adventure trail
Nimród route:
6.500 HUF 
Archery 10 shots: 1.500 HUF 

Reduced prices:

  • During normal opening hours, the use of one given element by more than 12 persons from same group 20% off.
  • For the holders of Fűzfő turism card 10% off from every element.

Discount price packages for groups,
only during off-peak period, for weekdays and during winter

  • For students
    • 2 hours 50.800 HUF (up to 25 persons)
    • 3 hours 69.850 HUF (from 30 to 45 persons)
    • 4 hours 95.250 HUF (up to 50-60 persons)

    During the allotted time, everybody can try out all four elements.

    For student groups, our prices are in HUF and include VAT.

  • For companies
    • 2 hours 55.000 HUF+VAT (up to 25 persons)
    • 3 hours 75.000 HUF+VAT (from 30 to 45 persons)
    • 4 hours 100.000 HUF+VAT (up to 50-60 persons)

    During the allotted time, everybody can try out all four elements.

    For companies or private groups, our prices are in HUF and does not include VAT.

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Note: Of course the given timeperiods can also be taken by smaller groups. For example a group of 15 can also rent the park for 4 hours, if they wish to.
In our park without any wait we can only occupy 30 persons at the same time. The throughput of our park is maximum 60 persons at any given time.
For groups between 30 and 60 persons we recommend a split up, at least for 2 subgroups, for the waiting group we offer the use of the services of the Balatoni Bob or the Balaton Paintball. We recommend this in mind for our mutual interest so our services (also our joint services) are speedy and enjoyful.

Important information:

  • Our prices are in Hungarian forint and include VAT.
  • Unfortunately at this time we can't accept Széchenyi Pihenőkártya.
  • In our park, on selected elements the use of gloves is recommended!
  • In our park, on the adventure trails, the use of sports shoes is highly recommended!
  • Our park outside of opening hours can be rented for companies, training, sports days, or schooltrips. 
  • Upon request we can organize competiton for groups, classes, companies, or collectives.
  • In the leisure park free WIFI (SSID: Balatonibob Free) internet access is available.
  • In the leisure park operates the BobCafé buffet.
  • In the vicinity there are two restaurants. In the Balatoni Bob leisure park, there are the Balatoni Bob Café Restaurant and it is offering several services. In Fűzfőgyártelep there is Fűzfa Restaurant about 800 metres from us.

For agreement contact us at our POC!