We wish you a pleasant browsing experience on our website, and wish you a very pleasant time in our park!
We look forward to our 11th season with a new design and with renewed momentum!
In the spirit of our original intention we continue the sporty and exercise centered lineage of our park. Our motto is "leave more skillful, than you arrived".
We did not aim our obstacle courses for fast and easy completion, but rather to induce a real physical activity. Therefore our trails are harder than average and they primarily serve not only the pleasure but rather the improvement of one's general physical condition. 
Our adventure park is part of the Balatoni Bob leisure park group, along with the Balatoni Bob Track and the Balaton Paintball field.

Serpa Kalandpark
Balatoni Bob


28. 06. 2013.

For our 10th anniversary we have opened our Advanced Adventure Trail for Children, the Karak trail. The trail consists of 16 elements and poses a real challenge for 7-12 year old children.

18. 09. 2012.

One year's experience from Nimród road are the following:
Children who regularly do sports, weighing between 35-40 kg, and professional sportsmen complete it in 1-1,5 hours. Other sporty volunteers finish in between 2-3 hours. The give up rate is between approx. 20-30%.

01. 09. 2012.

In fair weather during winter we can receive groups (To check-ins).

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To 19 May, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 10-17 hours.

On weekdays for groups, by appointment only.

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