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AttilaSince 1986, I go to the mountains. Without having enough determination I am not a rock climber, but I enjoy camping trips, seek the freedom granted by the beauty of the mountains, and I'm always in pursuit to find the limits of my physical abilities, I consider myself a high-altitude hiker. From 1980 I ran competitively for 5 years, since that for my own gratification. I attended hundreds of events, including the more than forty marathons I ran from Nagykőrös to Rotterdam.Attila In 1993, I graduated from the University of Physical Education as a sport organizer. Founded and led climbing and walking clubs. Organized leisure sports meetings (23 sports), running competitions (Veszprém - Hárskút) and climbing tours from the Alps to the Caucasus. In my 1993 thesis I have described the draft of the future leisure park, but had to wait ten years with the implementation.

  • Hobbies: in addition to the aforementioned, road cycling, hiking, walking in the woods, books, theater, medieval Hungarian history, and to try to breathe in the Dolomites' air every chance I get.
  • Favorite food: cake, especially when creamy and foamy.
  • What I don't like, and avoid: Everything that is artificial. The pettiness, the malice, and the grayness. The acceptance of the globalized slavery and the adoption of uniformed trendiness.
  • Favorite quote: „Your freedom lies not in your ability to do whatever you want, but rather in your ability not to do what you don't want to." / Rousseau /


IstvánA technical person, a practical implementer, who supervised the design of the technical solutions, and the construction of the park. A man of action rather than words. He practiced sport climbing for years, for his own pleasure,István leaving the competition for others. Participated in several mountain excursion, and tried out not one climbing routes in the Alps. He took part in several bike tours along the Danube and in Austria.

  • Hobbies: cycling and hiking, photography, cars and LEGO designing cultivated to an artistic level.
  • Favorite food: the round, the square, the one with holes, the solid, the winged, the pig, the fried, the boiled, the stuffed,  the dried, and anything else, the bottom line that it's meat.
  • What you do not like: prevarication, and the violation of human dignity to any extent.


Since my childhood I inhaled the love of nature during our family hikes on the weekends. Because of my interest in social sciences I participated in several pronunciation competitions and poetry reciting competitions. I was a member in drama groups, choir, I participated in everything I could. Later I worked as a TVCsilla announcer in the then starting Veszprém TV. As for my profession, I chose the technical field. Continuing my family's tradition after my mother I became a clock repairman. That's how I came in contact with commerce. At that time taekwondo meant the active exercise for me. After that I didn't exercise actively, but in my twenties as an unforgettable experienceCsilla I took part in a 1500 km bicycle tour in Italy. With my friends I hiked the Austrian and Slovenian mountains. Later, because of my interior designer education, I turned towards aesthetics. The scenery impressed me in the park, which combines nature with the artificially built elements tastefully. I actively partake in it's further development . We're trying to raise the unique image of the park higher. In addtion I also help the kids, to achieve the most out of this experience.


Currently, asBéla student I'm in my electrical engineering studies. I like outdoors activities; I got infected with the love of hiking as a child. I like to run. At first I ran competitively, currently it's a hobby for me. If I have the time I cycle. I like challenges; I believe that men are intended for big accomplishments. I believe that to achieve our goals, we're only limited by our own laziness.  Currently at the park I help the visitors to get along in the adventure trail's maze.  Béla You can freely turn to me with your questions, the worts that can happen is that I can't answer them. In my free time I like to do photography and to play Lego. I also love to eat. Everything which is delicious, but most of all goulash soup and pancakes.


IstvánThe archery master in our cast. With his exceptional patience, from day to night, he helps the smaller and bigger ones to endear the knacks of archery. He knows no barriers, he can teach children to "shoot" who are barely taller than the bow itself.  István In the event he's somehow unsuccesful with the teaching, the subject probably needs to look after another hobby. Beside archery he's big love is cycling. He cycles his daily 30 km with youthful dynamism.


As a youngster cycling signified sports to me, I got off the bike only to eat and sleep. Zsoli Playing ball in the ZTE's basketball team was my other pursuit. Later during the hard-working days, cross country races meant the leisure for me, and from time to time I also strengthened the ZMRFK's soccer team. According to my technical interest, nowadays my main activity is diving in the secrets of computers' on a professional level.   Also, Zsoltfor my first time I saw the park on a computer, nowadays I'm responsible for its web image. Suddenly from sitting at the desk, I found myself on the climbing wall. Not long after I also tried out the exciting and challenging adventure trails. It was love at first climb. Currently as a coordinator I savior the different forms of communicating with people: encouragement, jaw, sympathy, invocation, begging and as a last resort rescuing. To keep my attention alert my daily coffee intake is a bucketful. With my gigantic sandwiches I impress my colleagues. I hope to help the distressed guests for years to come.

Attila  |  István  |  Csilla  |  Béla  |  István  |  Zsolt