safetyThe Serpa Adventure park is in possession of a „TÜV" certification. The climbing tower, the cable railway and the adventure trail are secured with qualified alpinist wire and other devices. Tensile strength of our safety system is minimum 1500 kg (approx. 3 300 pounds). Accidents are impossible during proper usage. Protective devices can only be equipped under the direct supervision of park-workers. Instructions of park-workers are obligatory for visitors; otherwise the responsibility is on the visitor. The activities involving our facilities can only be started by the starting signal of park-workers!

Using any facility without professional control and
protective devices is prohibited and dangerous!

Cordons around and on the stairs of the facilities function as a signal of prohibition. Please, take care of your children to a greater extent. In the shooting-stand of the archery range only one person can stay, and shoot only under control. Spectators and other visitors are allowed to stay behind the shooter at the designated place.

Adherence to the rules is our collective interest, but the responsibility is ours. You can enjoy yourself freely, but you must observe the safety rules.

Thank you for your understanding!