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Our park opened in 2003 in Balatonfűzfő, right next to the Balatoni Bob leisure park track and the Swimming pool "Balaton". To sum up our goals: natural activities out in the nature. We expect guests who want to slide, climb or shoot from the age of 3 till elderly physical activity. When setting up our equipment we aimed everything to be used easily by every healthy grown up or kid. The only reasons which can stop one to be succesfull if they do not believe in themselves or do not want to succeed. Normal street wear is fine to participate in, but the optimal outfit is sportswear and sneakers. Soft sandals and slippers are not good for wall climbing, it's even better to do them barefoot. For the adventure path you'd need shoes or sandals. For archery and zip-line anything will do. Thanks to proper service and observation of the safety rules, during twenty years of operating the park, there was not any accident. We are proud of being an example to a number of newly built parks, and for that, that everything from the planning to the last brushstrokes of the implementation, are completed from private resources, and created by our own hands.

Throw away your fears, face the challenge, get to the top!
100% safety+challenge= lifelong experience!

About our eponyms

The ancestors of the Sherpa's migrated 700 years ago from Tibet to Eastern Nepal into the valleys of Solukhumbu. Sherpa familyThey are exceptionally skilled mountaineers and guides. They were employed by big Himalaya expeditions from the beginning of the 1920's. Their life is deeply influenced by the Tibethian Buddhism. Sir Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tenzing NorgayAlongside the roads there are countless prayer signs, prayer flags, water or wind driven prayer wheels. Their main source of living alongside of the expeditions is animal husbandry (yak keeping). One of their traditional drink is the salted butter tea. The most famous sherpa, Tenzing Norgay, along with Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person on the 29th of May 1953 to climb the summit of the world, the 8848 meters high Mount Everest.

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